AI is an emerging technology and there are lots of new innovations every day, and we understand the current AI technology trends.
In the immediate term, businesses should focus on AI use cases that are proven technology solutions today and can be adopted at scale, such as robotic process automation and applications of machine learning. In the mid and long-term, we recommend we work with you to build use cases where the technology trend is emerging but not yet proven at scale.


We at AiBigData advise customers on how to leverage AI to grow revenue, and can build the business case for them. With a deep knowledge of domain, technology and project management, we help customers to understand and develop use cases and solutions.

Some of the questions to ponder before building AI solutions -

  • What is being automated or improved?
  • What is the full life-cycle cost of the project?
  • What business processes will need to be modified?
  • Is this new automation or a supposed improvement to existing automation?
  • Are your business processes and ecosystem ready to exploit the automation?
AI Pilot Implementation

Are you not sure how or if AI can make a difference today? We can work with you to identify a project, set metrics for success, design and implement a pilot, then present results to key stakeholders.

  • Pilot AI for sales, marketing, operations functions
  • Select strategic pilots based on current CRM or marketing automation data
  • Add AI elements to existing business reports to create intelligent dashboards
  • Build models to test hypothesis in ops, supply chain, sales, marketing