AiBigData Technologies is proud to launch a joint certification program with Consulting Connoisseurs, India, through ProMaCert Solutions.

The certification program is primarily in the area of Project Management. This is an international industry-led certification that is based on next generation concepts in project management. It revolves around a decision framework, unlike conventional project management tools that are essentially process frameworks, making it far more effective and versatile to current business needs across the globe.

There are three levels of project management certification, viz.

  1. EsProMa Certification: It is also called the Essentials of Project Management Certification and is for students who have completed a minimum of 2 years of undergraduate studies. Professionals who have less than 2 years of industry experience can also take the test.
  2. AdProMa Certification: The Advanced Project Management Certification, abbreviated as the AdProMa Test, is for industry professionals with over 2 years of industry experience. There are two levels for the AdProMa certification test (level 1 and 2) and this certification provides a skill-base that is significantly larger and more robust than current certifications in the market.
  3. PuProMa Certification: The Public Project Management Certification, abbreviated as the PuProMa Certification, is for professionals who work in the Public Projects, Government Projects, PPP space. They could either be professionals from the private sector or people from the public sector.

These tests are conducted in India, US and Canada and are expected to launch in other countries very soon.

AiBigData Technologies is a knowledge partner in this project. More details are available at the website

If you are interested in taking the test in Canada, please connect with us on